Somebody’s Waiting

Mixing styles that influenced his 30 years of career , being one of the “personages” of the Brazilian Rock explosion during the 80’s , the guitarist and composer Jorge Shy is releasing his new CD “Somebody’s waiting” . The 8 tracks of the new album shows all the influences the guitarist was able to experiment over his music trajectory . From the sophisticated Jazz harmony and improvisation style to a homage to the great Argentinan tango composer “Astor Piazzolla”.

Somebody’s Waiting follows the steps of the well conceived “Crossing Path” released in 2013 . The CD received very good critics from important journalists and people throughout the world like the famous Italo Brazilian maetro “Julio Medaglia” that revealed Jorge as a great composer and guitarist “he belongs to new generation of good music writers” says Medaglia.

The new álbum follows more a jazz direction and less experimental as the previous one did and shows the nature of a musician that proves equally matureness and confidence to play with his cards . Like “Nick De Riso ( USA TODAY ) mentioned : “Shy again combines a series of competing ideas, concepts and textures to brilliant effect.”

Recorded between july of 2014 and March of 2015 in Sao Paulo , the new work proves consistency that is complemented by every composition and offering a fresh choice for “appreciators” of fine instrumental music a wide pallete of colours.