Composer and guitarist Jorge Shy is originally from the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil , born in 1967 was introduced very young to the music of Jobim, Miles Davis and the Beatles and started on guitar with the age of 13.

During the 80’s he played an important role on the so called : “New Brazilian Rock”, a moviment that was massive in the country influencing generations to come . He formed the band “Tokyo” with vocalista Supla and Producer Bid (Chico Science) After an invitation of Warner music he went to Rio to join Leoni’s “Herois da Resistencia” , the band sold many records and was constantly in the top10 charts in Brazil . Herois da Resistencia was the first Brazilian band to record and mix a full álbum in Los Angeles, produced by “Liminha” (Gilberto Gil , Bebel Gilberto, Milton Nascimento, Toninho Horta).

After 3 records “Herois da Resistencia”, “Religio” and “Herois 3” , Shy moved to Boston where he would start developing his own voice as a composer and guitarist . After the 6 years period in the US where he was able to experiment in many diffrent styles, he graduated from Berklee college of music in Jazz Composition e Film scoring.

Since then and back to Brazil in 2000, Shy has been developing a “recognized” work as a composer and has released 4 different works: “Sonho de Aviador”, “Guitartales”, “Crossing Path” and “Somebody’s Waiting”.

Shy, also an important music educator works as a professor in one of the finest institutions in Brazil, “Souza Lima College of Music and Conservatory” affiliated with Berklee College of music in Boston.