• Cover:Crossing Path

    Released in 2013, the álbum “Crossing Path” is experimental voyage that blends Jazz and Brazilian music in a very modern direction and exploring Shy’s compositions for the acoustic guitar.
  • Cover:Guitartales

    Released in 2012 (digital only) music produced for short films where the guitarist explores his “Rock” influence.
  • Cover:H56



    Rock Pop project produced by Shy and released in 2009.
  • Cover:Sonho de Aviador

    Released in 2001, is the first solo CD produced by Jorge Shy after graduating from Berklee College of Music. Very Brazilian oriented. Explores the samba, bossa nova and played in a very modern way and exposes the  influences of modern composers like Toninho Horta and Lenine.
  • Cover:Heróis Três

    Released by Warner Music/Brazil – 1991
  • Cover:Religio

    Recorded in Los Angeles in 1988/89 and released in Brazil in 1989 by Warner Music / Brazil and South America.
  • Cover:Heróis da Resistência

    First album released in 1986/87 that won “Gold Record” in Brazil (Warner Music/Brazil).